Los Suelos, CA

A Multimedia Anthology Benefiting California’s Rural Laborers – Coming Soon

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An Anthology for California’s Rural Laborers

Welcome to Los Suelos!

The Los Suelos RPG lets you explore the town for yourself. Meet the residents, collect stories, and choose your fate as the strangeness of Los Suelos overtakes you. Will you make it out of town, or find a reason to stay? The choice is yours…

Stories, Artwork, Music & More

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For show-and-tell I bring my pet rock, Earl, hidden in a shoebox. I wait my turn, clapping along halfheartedly every time Hector’s pug manages a trick. It does its final routine, shake/roll-over/play dead, and Mr. Mann calls on me. “You’re up.” The puppy-dog circus sits down and I take center stage. “This is Earl.” I lift the box’s lid, gingerly…



Descend with us.