About Los Suelos, California

Los Suelos, California is a multimedia anthology benefitting rural laborers across the state of California. Funded in part by an Interledger Foundation Grant for the Web, Los Suelos is an immersive fictional universe of short stories, music, visual art, and a role-playing video game that ties it all together. Los Suelos unites established writers and emerging voices in a collection of stories dealing with topics such as isolation, identity, Hollow Earth lore, small-town cults, and the captivating power of the earth beneath our feet. With a strong influence from weird fiction and an emphasis on interactivity, Los Suelos invites readers, listeners, and gamers from all over the world to discover this strange little town for themselves.

All proceeds from the project benefit the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, a nonprofit working to help the rural poor improve their economic, social, and political conditions and become more civically engaged in their communities.

About Surface Dweller Studios

Surface Dweller Studios is a multimedia publishing company formed in 2021 by Lauren Lavín, Joshua Duke, Ian Kappos, Karter Mycroft, and Barton Aikman. The group’s diverse specialties include interactive fiction, worldbuilding, music direction, and video game design. The Los Suelos, California anthology is their flagship project.