...and you might find yourself walking the San Joaquin, squinting eastward toward the menacing Bolt Gun Hills as you pass a ballpark that looks like a relic from some bygone era, a faint but chaotic rhythm from below catching your ear…

Out of Los Suelos, CA come Fluppies, the latest blistering punk product from the flatlands off 99. Playing a manic fusion of hardcore and whatever the fuck else they want, Fluppies include Press Chalmers (vox), Sarah Quinn (guitar, vox), Vyv (keys, theremin), and Marc Enriquez (drums).

Fluppies and their lyrics reflect what it’s like living in their secluded town—where reception is shitty, laborers waste away, fever strikes randomly, and cults crowd into caves. In 2022, they released their debut self-titled album.

  • VIDEO: “Older Than the Hills” – Fluppies

    VIDEO: “Older Than the Hills” – Fluppies

    Official video for the first single off Fluppies’ self-titled debut, “Older Than the Hills” Featured image by Maria Pogosyan.

  • Glory Udder

    Glory Udder

    Growling along to the electric chiming of Sarah’s Ibanez hollow-body licks, Press again started to feel the sickness that didn’t want to admit it was a sickness.

  • Fluppies interview – from OHA Vol 2. Issue 7

    Fluppies interview – from OHA Vol 2. Issue 7

    Recently my friend hipped me to something strange: a punk band with a debut album he couldn’t stop listening to. The only problem: He wasn’t sure the band existed.

  • Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom

    There are ley lines. You know them because you feel them beneath your feet, humming up your stunted legs.

  • The Job

    The Job

    The steel was cold in Marc’s hands as he climbed the side of the house, bones groaning with the beams as they took his weight.


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